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Happy Thanksgiving from Lake Tahoe!

11/24/12 - Northstar-at-Tahoe, CA

A perfect holiday celebration in the mountains with old friends and new

In keeping with tradition, we traveled to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with  the usual suspects - Jen, Tod, Christine, Mark and their four kids between them - and some new friends this year, too.  Earlier in the week, we had hosted Caroline's friend Barb and her boyfriend Chris at our apartment.  On Wednesday afternoon, in preparation for our holiday weekend departure, we dropped our friends off at their hotel in the City and said a fond farewell.  Back at the apartment, we loaded up the car (a rather slow and laborious process when you live on the 5th floor) and hit the road, where we proceeded to sit in holiday traffic for about 5 or 6 hours on our drive to the mountains.  Long after dark, we finally arrived at the house to the sound of loud cheering.  We thought our friends were excited to see us but it turned out that the drunken cheers were for the person who won the bet on when we would finally arrive.  Some friends!  After our long drive, the weekend quickly improved, with Mark mixing his usual creative, yet bizarre drinks (cinnamon whiskey and Mountain Dew??!!) and lots of laughter before we all fell, exhausted, into bed. 

On Thursday, we welcomed Jen's friend Linh, her husband Brad and their three kids  for our traditional holiday meal at Jen and Tod's.  There was much silly hat-wearing and general merrymaking throughout the afternoon and the meal was as delicious as ever.  Not surprisingly, Linh and Brad proved to be a wonderful addition and it was deemed by some to be our best Thanksgiving celebration yet!

Also in keeping with tradition, there was again no snow to be had at Northstar over the holiday weekend but we were able to go for our traditional spin on the Village ice rink with the kids, where Scott, Caroline and Christine were the only adults in our party with skates on.  Oh, well, more fun towing lazy kids for us!  Scott's birthday fell on Saturday this year and we celebrated his big 4-0 with our annual dinner out at Bite tapas restaurant and trip to the casino on Friday evening.  There's no denying that Scott really tied one on at the casino that night but to his credit he was able to get up on Saturday morning and play an energetic game of whiffle ball with Giana, Nola and Caroline before everyone packed up and hit the road for the long drive home.  It was definitely another Thanksgiving for the memory books and we're already looking forward to next year!


Last year's pilgrim hat makes a repeat appearance on Evan


It's hard to resist the lure of the fur hat!


Tod & Mark man the turkey fryer...


Scott and two of his favorite girls, Isha & Nola


Welcome, Brad & Linh!


Mark & Tod admire the turkey


Too many cooks in the kitchen...?


Christine puts the finishing touches on dinner


Happy Thanksgiving!


Relaxing on the deck after an afternoon of ice skating


Scott enjoys the view from the deck


A quick game of whifle ball with Giana and Nola before heading home - happy birthday Scott!

Scott outdoes himself in this year's Thanksgiving hat and matching 'stache


Scott & Nola have a happy reunion in their matching coonskin caps




Happy Thanksgiving!


...while Jen & Linh get the stuffing going


Happy Tiny-Pilgrim-Hat Day!




Linh, Jen & Caroline sport the unofficial Thanksgiving uniform


Christine & Linh show off their cans...of crescent rolls


Time to eat!


Christine & Mark enjoy a quiet moment


It was a warm and sunny weekend...not a snowflake to be seen!


Mark, Caroline & Tod drink in celebration of Scott's Big 4-0 in the casino bar