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A Holiday Celebration!

12/11/10 - Albuquerque, NM

Hosting a festive evening of cocktails, a gourmet meal and good friends

On a blustery Saturday evening, we built a roaring fire, lit all the holiday candles and welcomed six friends into our home for a festive dinner party in celebration of the season.  Greeting our guests with Yes We Canton cocktails of ginger liqueur and pineapple juice topped with sparkling Prosecco, we were feeling especially celebratory, since Petra, despite a freshly broken leg, still managed to join us and was even dressed in her Alpine holiday finery.   Having just gotten out of the hospital one week earlier, she was accompanied by her attentive and devoted boyfriend Joe as well as her charming mom, Liz, who had just arrived from England in order to help with Petra’s convalescence and who even managed to make her famed mincemeat pies for our dessert!

Our menu of pear gorgonzola salad with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, shrimp bisque and beef Bourguignon over buttered and parsleyed egg noodles, accompanied by several bottles of California and French pinots and Liz & Petra’s mince pies with brandy butter was well-received by all.  Nikki and Margaret looked lovely in their bold, native turquoise jewelry, Christopher did a splendid job tending the fire and Joe finally got the memo and donned a festive sweater vest for the occasion (in fact, all three of the gentlemen were in vests this evening)!  A warm and hearty thank you to all for joining us and helping to make our holiday season a merry one!  Happy holidays!

Christopher & Scott enjoy cocktails and pate in front of the fire


A toast for the hosts


Petra & Joe relax with hors d'oeuvres while Christopher & Scott stoke the fire


La Table


Dessert!  Liz & Petra's delicious mincemeat pies


Gents in vests!


Boys in vests with firewood!

Any excuse to point with a baguette...


Lovely Nikki


Nikki & Margaret get acquainted


Nikki, Petra, Joe & Liz


Dinner is served!


Here's to good food and good friends - cheers!


Joe & Petra model their Alpine holiday-wear


Holiday silliness!