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Holidays 2006!!! Yee haw!

12/18/06 - Albuquerque, NM

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season

Friends, Family, Distant Acquaintances, and Those we’ve met along the road just once and went through the obligatory email exchange with us and found yourselves added to our distribution list,

Another quarter and year have flown by - although it frequently seems like a lifetime ago that we were respectable citizens holding down real jobs and contributing to society.  Since our last update (from Scotland), we have marked our two year anniversary of life on the road, and those of you who’ve seen us know that we’re looking a little worse for the wear these days.  Perhaps something to do with the stress of remodeling in a foreign country, lack of diet and exercise regimen, or from sleeping in over 60 beds in 2006.

But we’re not complaining; this has been an action-packed and fun-filled year to be sure. 

For those of you who have trouble keeping up with us, here’s our year in review.  The winter months of 2006 were spent in Mexico, putting the finishing touches on our Puerto Vallarta condo, studying Spanish (Scott) and furnishing our condo in San Miguel.  In spring, we showed gringo visitors (SF friend Leane & Scott’s Parents) around Mexico, gutted & remodeled our kitchen and bathroom in San Miguel, and somehow managed to fit in a month in Paris and The Netherlands. 

In the mean time, we handled the frequently complicated logistics of our return to Europe for three months in the summer and fall, involving home exchanges, apartment rentals, hotels, car rentals, trains, boats & planes.  The planning paid off, as we had a fabulous time traveling through the UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.  And the action doesn’t stop there!  Upon our arrival back in the U.S., we were able to arrange home exchanges to spend three weeks in Boston and New York City, and on October 24th we became Aunt Caroline and Uncle Scott (Tía y Tío?) to our beautiful new nephew Christopher. 

So, you’re wondering what’s next?  Well, after two years on the road, we’re looking forward to settling down in the United States again for a while, trying to figure out  how to re-charge our bank account without holding down dull corporate jobs.  We’ve spent quite a bit of time this year figuring out where we want to live next, with the simple criteria of good year-round weather, interesting culture & people, and at least semi-affordable housing.  We crossed Asheville, NC off the list after a visit in July, and are currently on a home exchange in Albuquerque to see if it’s somewhere we could be happy.  Things are looking good in New Mexico so far, and it looks like we’ll be moving here in a few months.  Stay tuned to www.scottandcaroline.com to see just where we end up in the new year!

Happy Holidays!

Scott & Caroline